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Yazıcı Uyumlu Sayfa
The First Long Term Punishment

The owner of UCAR CD Plant which was producing pirate materials is sentenced to 5 years 7 months, 15 days imprisonment. The court has also sentenced an amount of 160.447 YTL because of hiding the evidences.   



There were independent raids by MUYAP and AMPEC about the plant and CD samples were sent to IFPI for Forensic Department to criminal examination. The comparison of the pirate CDs with the samples taken during the plant visits showed that they were produced by UCAR. During the search, in the plant with the participation of more than 15 policemen, 8650 VCD produced illegally, 4700 pirate DVDs and 10 silkscreens were seized. The certification of this plant has been also cancelled by MOCT.


The verdict of the local court is subject to the approval of the Supreme Court. Thus the case is not still finalised.