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Minister Of Justice Cemil Çiçek : "Our Political Will Is To Prevent All The Piracy Activities

The “Anti Piracy Platform” met again with the Government on 20th December. Minister of Justice, Internal Affairs, Finance, Culture & Tourism were participants at the meeting.


The minister of Internal Affairs took analytical approach to piracy. He focused on 3 main problems in fighting piracy. Firstly he addressed the problems in the enforcement of regulations and said that they would be solved immediately. The Minister also mentioned that the second problem; new regulations on piracy enforcement would be solved in the short run. The change of legislation of the renewed 5846 Law (Intellectual Properties Law) would be considered in the medium run. Furthermore he said that these amendments should be parallel with Turkish Criminal Code.


The minister of education emphasized that there is a no difference between piracy and theft. He proposed to organise big concerts for students and distribution of posters in schools to emphasize fighting piracy and illegal music.


The ministers of Finance, Justice were also sensitive to the piracy problem in Turkey. All the ministers declared openly that their political will is to prevent all the piracy activities. It was surprising that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has declared that he had nothing to say on the issue.


The conclusion of the meeting was to form a working committee which include representative from ministries and societies. This committee will prepare the proposals for short, long and medium terms and submit than to the Ministers for immediate action.